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Bioglan Superfoods Chia & Flax 200g

Bioglan Superfoods Chia & Flax 200g

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  • Produktinformationen

    What is Bioglan Superfoods Chia & Flax - 200g?

    Chia is was well known, and still is, for its health promoting properties and Chia is the Mayan word for ‘strength’. They are one of the most nutritious foods in the world gram for gram and deliver a huge amount of nutrients with very few calories.

    Flaxseed is one of the richest plant sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega 3s. It also contains lignans which are phytonutrients that have many health benefits in the body. Flax contains 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods. It is also a rich source of protein and fibre.

    Why Use Bioglan Superfoods Chia & Flax - 200g?

    Flax seeds are rich in soluble fibre that can be digested by your body and help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood. Chia seeds are rich in insoluble fibre which is needed to help other foods move along your digestive system and keep it healthy. Rich in the essential fatty acids ALA (Alpha Linoleic Acid) and LA (Linoleic Acid) these fats as well as b-vitamins, Bioglan Chia and Flax is may help reduce dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Chia and Flax contains essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that help to grow healthy skin ,hair and nails.

    Who can benefit?

    Containing two super nutrient rich seeds in Chia and flaxseeds, this superfood mix is the ideal way in which to increase nutrient intake.

    • Flax is the richest plant source of Omega 3
    • Chia seeds are rich in fibre to support digestion
    • Contains amino acids, the essential building blocks for health hair skin and nails
  • Zutaten

    Organic Flaxseed (90%) & Chia seed (10%)

  • Nährwertangaben
    Nutritional Info Per Serving Per 100g
    Energy 109 Kcal 434 Kcal
    Fat 7.31g 29.24g
    Carbohydrates 0.64g 2.55g
    Sugars 0.52g 2.08g
    Fibre 9.22g 36.88g
    Protein 5.36g 21.42g
    Salt <0.1g <0.1g


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